Six Words on Survival

We challenged Education programming participants past and present to submit their stories of life during  COVID-19 using only six words each. Bittersweet, sorrowful and  uplifting—see what they had to say.

There’s always light in darkness.
-Kyle Johnson, InterGens

DJ calls “Last dance!” No kidding.
-Denise McIntosh, GeNarrations

For once my preparation paid off.
-Celeste R. James, GeNarrations

Isolation introduced me to business nation.
-Javona Landfair, PlayBuild 

Cicadas return. Regardless of the pandemic.
-Sandra Beaty, GeNarrations

Pandemic met chips = my new cleavage.
-Barbara McBee, GeNarrations and InterGens

Got divorced. Fell apart. Healed. Happy!
-Nitsana Lazerus, GeNarrations and InterGens

Show got canceled;  No more killing.
-Efrén Ponce, The Best Part

Is she dead?  Yes she is.
-Roberta Skrip, GeNarrations

Masked my face. Hid my race.
-Connie Shirakawa, GeNarrations and InterGens

Shutdown, pen and piano provides opportunity.
-Michael Jackson, GeNarrations

Till death do us part, bang.
-Pauline Bastek, GeNarrations

Can’t forget countless, laughable zoom indiscretions.
-Darrelyn Marx, GeNarrations

Disposable Face Masks: out of stock.
-Ira Abrams, GeNarrations and School Matinee Series

Last thing I did was dance.
-Erin O’Bryen, GeNarrations

Time to reassess, regroup and recharge.
-Rhonda Reed,  GeNarrations and InterGens

Keys. Phone. Go! Oh…wait…MASK.
-Cheryl Kelly,  GeNarrations

When the world went to shit.
-Liam Brady, Introduction to Stagecraft

Accepting grandson’s autism diagnosis with love.
-Marsha Fogle, GeNarrations and InterGens

SLOW DOWN and be mindful NOW.
-Kitty Tokarsky, GeNarrations

Covid. Think my scale is broken.
-Karen  Sims, GeNarrations

Masks mandated! Glasses fogged. Fractured kneecaps.
-Peggy,  GeNarrations

Played guitar again and again YEAH.
-Donna Willey, GeNarrations

Nothing ends only continue to begin.
-Darwin Corrin, GeNarrations

Christmas morning mourning, “F**k you COVID!”
-Debra Allison, GeNarrations and InterGens

Lockdown. Lockout. Civility ends. Bullets fly.
-Peggy Damrau, GeNarrations

Newlyweds, locked down. Surprisingly, still married!
-Mary Anthony Flint,  GeNarrations

GeNarrations disruption! Undeterred, Goodman prevailed. Thanks!
-Prabha Iyer, GeNarrations

Contemplate gloom or search for possibilities.
-Laurie Barretto,  GeNarrations

Celebrated being an Introvert — WithOUT Guilt!
-Toni Duncan, GeNarrations

Uncertainty gripped: death lurked, people shopped.
-Velma Gladney, GeNarrations

Hope I can fly again soon.
-Cindy Roder, GeNarrations

Quarantined…Four grandkids…Four months…Perfect…
-Susan Branch, GeNarrations

She is dead. Not my fault.
-BJ Parker,  GeNarrations

I still know nothing about school.
-Amanda Steiner, Strike!

He said travel and I went.
-Shedrick Sanders,  GeNarrations and InterGens

Virus, lies, panic, bleach, dementia: insurrection.
-Norman Field, GeNarrations

Red X, kindergarten trauma, adult loss.
-Anonymous, GeNarrations

Two diagnoses: Parkinson’s, Cancer. Avoided COVID.
-Anonymous, GeNarrations

I languish. Going in. Coming out.
-Connie Kiosse, GeNarrations

Got a stroke Covid test was?
-Janice Lou, GeNarrations

Work Termination or Take  The Vaccine.
-Dream Drummer, Cindy
Bandle  Young Critics and Introduction to Stagecraft

I couldn’t even attend his funeral.
-Mary O’Connell, GeNarrations

All traffic stops, all life suspends.
-Deborah Hines, GeNarrations

Pandemic  Isolation—demanded creativity—I paint.
-Patricia Stanczykiewicz,  GeNarrations

At the grocery, everyone wore masks.
-Dion, GeNarrations

Discovered that solitude isn’t my friend.
-Laurie Hillman, GeNarrations

Masks match all outfits. . . . It’s over?
-June Huitt, GeNarrations

Exhausted Introvert seeking energetic extrovert
-Anonymous, GeNarrations

Ice cream, chocolate, YUM. Mirror, YUCK.
-Pat C, GeNarrations

HALT! Sick mother. Cribbed screaming baby.
-Judy Mizrachi, GeNarrations

Locked out, locked in, knocked up.
-Geneva Norman,  GeNarrations and InterGens

Mistletoe hanging…No takers. I cry.
-Cardi Fleck

Money couldn’t buy my lover’s touch.
-Dhamana Shauri, GeNarrations

Educational  diversity harbors sage, insightful reforms!
-Leotis Swopes, GeNarrations

Stranded on floor; struggling upright; safe.
-Simone Wright, GeNarrations

Oddly, blessed and  reset, whomsoever survived.
-Daphne Lecesne, GeNarrations

COVID-19 breeze, cough sneeze, pain increased.
-Alice Collins, GeNarrations

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