Happy New Year from Susan V. Booth

Headshot photo of a woman with red hair, smiling while looking directly into the camera. She wears a white collard shirt and a gray sweater.

A few words on resolutions.

I’m a sucker for them.  I’m like Charlie Brown and the football when it comes to resolutions; no matter how many failed attempts lay in my wake, I try again. With optimism.

The trick, it seems, is balancing reality and aspiration. 

So, I’m going with curiosity this year.  Or, in the time-honored resolution speak of “do more/do less,” I’m committing to being more curious in 2023.  And acting on that curiosity.  And this wants to transcend simply upping the googling quotient. 

Join me?

So much of our art form is based on the premise of interrogation as expanding.  Expansive. “Why did she do THAT?” “How did he convince them all to do THAT?” “What does it feel like to live this other life?”  And you – bless you – choose to exercise your curiosity in our theater on a regular basis. You’re already high on the curiosity meter. 

The trick, it seems, is to not only interrogate more (and more often), but to do so without judgment.  Can you imagine?  If we all leaned into our lives with more wondering and less bias? Grand.

I’m going to give it a shot. 

Happy New Year, one and all. 

– Susan V. Booth


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